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Alia is a land. A land of high fantasy where dragons scheme from their scattered fiefdoms, giants rule the great mountain ranges, and human empires struggle for dominance over the civilized worlds. It is a land where dwarves dream of recapturing the days of glory, elves fight to protect their forest homelands, and gnomes and halflings struggle under the oppression of empires. Amongst all the turmoil of the mortals, the gods of Alia are nowhere to be found, prayers go unanswered, the righteous fall to the tyrants and the world seems destined to end in ruin.

The heroes of Alia have much to accomplish. Everywhere there are wrongs to be righted, oppressive yokes to be broken and dreams to be recaptured.


Things that happened.


Places to go in the land of Alia.

Religion and Divine Magic

Answers to such philosophical questions such as, “What is the nature of good and evil?” “Do the Gods really exist?” and “Where do Clerics really get their power?”


The major population groups in the land of Alia.


A place to test things out!

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