Calendar Systems

There are four known calendar systems:

  • Year of Krondhiem (YK) counting forward from the establishment of Krondhiem. YK is still used by Dwarves and was the only widely used calandar system until the rise of the Order of Man, in YK1261.
  • The human calendar system used today throughout human civilization is based on the foundation of the Order of Man by prophet Narek (YK1261), which is known as Order Year, 1 (OY 1). Dates before the establishment of the Order, are usually designated in YK.

Present day is 602 OY or YK1863.



Dating from before written records were kept are the legends and folk tales of from the tribal cultures of the Wood Elves and the Halflings of the plains. Many of these oral tradition have been written down by human and high-elf scholars, but there is much dispute as to the vericity and the exact date of such legends.

  • Elvish tales talk of an ancient race of fey which they are descended from. These “true elves” were undisputed masters of the forested lands, and were said to be immortal. Tales tell of a King and a Queen who each ruled their faction of the fair folk, eternally at war. These “true elves” mixed their blood with the creatures of the earth and thus the gnomes and the wood elves were born, which was their undoing. “True elves” are fascinated by music, which they cannot make, and cannot abide iron, which the mortal races discovered. As the gnomes and elves began to make tools of iron and songs and instruments of music, the “true elves” retreated from the world.
  • Gnomes who follow the elemental pantheon call the fairy queen, Freda, and the king Fredon, and consider them to be the dual aspects of the god of air.

Dwarvish History (YK1-YK820)

The earliest written history dates back to more than 1200 years before Narek, and is from ancient rune-carved tablets from the old Dwarven Kingdom of Krondheim. These tablets encode the histories of Dwarven kings and heros, and from these tablets historians have deduced the following:

  • Humans had a tribal culture on the isles and on the eastern shores below the mountains and worshiped the spirits of their ancestors.
  • Halflings had a tribal culture on the plains north of Shadow Wood and worshiped the spirits of their ancestors.
  • Elves had a tribal culture in the forest of shadow wood and worshiped the spirits of their ancestors.
  • Dwarves ruled Krondheim (now Estvald) and worshiped the Elemental pantheon.
  • Gnomes ruled Green Hills and worshiped the Elemental pantheon.
  • Giants ruled Westvald and worshiped the Elemental pantheon.
  • Humanoids had a tribal culture in the Northern forest and worshiped the Elemental pantheon.

Some events:

  • Circa YK 500 ~ Nation of Prolia is founded from a loose association of tribes. The tribes build and man the watch towers along the northern forest.
  • Circa YK 600 ~ Prolia explores and begins to raid the coastal waters as far north as the ice caps and as far south as where the Shadowwood grows to the ocean.

Rise of Golanism (YK820-YK1261)

  • YK820 (circa) Humans in Wellsland discover the monotheistic religion of Golanism.
  • YK820-YK850 Golanism spreads throughout Wellsland, scrolls of Golan are written, and literacy and civilization spreads along with the religion. Humans build temples and begin to form into larger communities.
  • YK900 The first island-wide kingdom of humans is founded in Wellsland by 12 tribal elders, who elect a king. Humans thrive on Wellsland.
  • YK1000 Golanist humans from wellsland leave the isles and settle the northern isles of Khole and Rhime and establish a settlement at the Bernast at the mouth of the Dannick river.
  • YK1020 Golanist humans attempt to establish themselves on the shores of Prolia and are slaughtered by the tribal humans that live there.
  • YK1000-YK1260 Golanists spread throughout the isles, building temples and cities and bringing literacy and learning as they go. Golanists on the continent spread along the Dannick and Red Rivers and make peace with the nomadic halflings who live on the plains. Many halflings convert to golanism and live alongside the humans.

Rise of the Order of Man (YK1261/1 OY)
  • YK1229 Narek is born in Bernast.
  • YK1246 Young Narek preaches of the rightful place of humans above all others and gathers a large number of loyal followers.
  • YK1256 Narek travels to Wellsland, bringing his message of humanity’s place in the cosmos. His message is accepted amongst many humans.
  • YK1261/1 OY Before a massive crowd in Nolton Square (now Ascension Square) Narek ascends to heaven, climbing a marble staircase into a nimbus of light. Before he departs, he says to his followers that all who follow in his footsteps will be rewarded with eternal bliss in the light of God in Heavan.
  • YK1261/1 OY A Wellsland follower of Narek, Beldrew, begins to build Saint Beldrew Cathedral in Nolton, it takes him 40 years to complete it.

Rise of Wellsland and Creation of the Republic (1 OY to 164 OY)

  • 1 OY to 110 OY – Wellsland generally adopts the Order of Man as a religion, and with new confidence of man’s place in the universe begins to militarize. Wellsland builds it’s military strength, driving the orcs and goblinoids from the islands. It also begins to strengthen it’s navy, bringing civilization to every island that Wellsland ships can reach.
  • 110 OY – Wellsland’s King Olear, becomes the first emporer of the Empire of Wellsland. He rules all the major islands. The main continent maintains it’s sovereignty, controlling the rivers of its nation. He introduces the King’s Law, with an independant judiciary, which (in theory) applies equally to all men, noble and commoner alike. He creates the House of Lords, to settle disputes between nobles.
  • 150 OY to 159 OY – Olear’s son King Thomas causes the near collapse of the Wellsland’s empire. After taxing the peasantry and lords to near starvation to support his attempt to invade the continent, the Dukes of Seabury, Westlake, Lannish and Pellsburg rise up against the King in civil war. Thomas is executed. His son Gregor is put on the throne. Contact with the more remote Welllands colonies is lost, only the two major islands remain within the kingdom.
  • 160 OY – The House of Lords now administers to and passes the “King’s Laws”. The King is a figurehead. By the word of law, he retains his power and must sign each law passed, but in truth he is a servant to the will of the House of Lords.
  • 164 OY – Negotiations with the the former colonies of Icehold and Darkshore grant their nobles seats in the House of Lords. The Republic of the Isles is created. Representing the isles of Wellsland, Khole, Rhime, Icehold and Darkshore.

Fall of Krondhiem (YK1339/79 OY)

  • YK1339 (OY 79) Giants in Westvald have internal strife and war.
  • YK1358 (OY 98) Frost Giants, Fire Giants, and Stone Giants accopanied by an army of Ogres, Ettins and Trolls, invade Krondhiem.
  • YK1380 (OY 129) Greenhill surrenders to the Giants. Remaining Dwarves flee into human lands.
  • YK1390 (OY 139) Mount Cragmore is granted to the Dwarves in exchange for a treaty of trade with Wellsland.
  • YK1397 (OY 146) The Dragons of Silverpeak all depart to the west, leaving behind their mountain fiefdom.
  • YK1400 (OY 149) A band of Dwarves rid the un-occupied Silverpeak of monstrous residents that moved in after the Dragons left. They decide to claim it for Dwarfs.
  • YK1402 (OY 151) Twelve years after being granted Mount Cragmore, more than 1000 Dwarves now occupy it, Thane Shi’Grom takes the widow of his slain brother as his second wife.
  • YK1410 (OY 159) silverpeak mines are opened. 1500 Dwarves now claim silverpeak as thier own.
  • YK1424 (OY 183) Shi’Grom speaks to a combined council of Thanes about his plan to rebuild the dwarven peoples and retake Krondhiem. Modern dwarven family traditions take hold over the next 100 years.

Dwarven Census

  • YK1358 70000
  • YK1380 30000
  • YK1425 30000
  • YK1500 32000
  • YK1700 64000
  • YK1800 90000
  • YK1863 98000

Rise of the Church of Man (267 OY to 300 OY)

  • 267 OY to 276 OY – A theological movement on the continent begins who interpret Narek’s words in a slightly different way. The Church movement proclaims that Narek was an actual incarnation of god. Debate continues in the Order with general lines of the debate being drawn between the continent and the island.
  • 277 OY – Ten years after the initial dichotomy, the Church of Man officially splits from the Order. A new high eclesiarchy is created, and the first Emporer of Rhode is crowned.

Age of Empires (277 OY to 602 OY)

  • 280 OY – Rhode philosophy about non-humans begins to become more dramatic.
  • 300 OY to 550 OY – Rhode begins to conquer all the plains north of the shadow wood and west of Silverpeak, enslaving the halflings who live there.
  • 350 OY – Rhode, taking advantage of the turmoil caused by the death of the Prolian king Jarred, conquers southern Prolia.
  • 355 OY – Prolia recovers from turmoil and begins to drive out the Southerners. The Druid Yori Ulfsson, summons a torrential storm raining continuously on the army of Rhode, breaking their spirits, and in so doing creating the swamp, Yori’s Doom. Rhode retreats taking hundreds of half-orc slaves. (Prolian Kingdom is greatly weakened and begins to decay.)
  • 450 OY – Hostilities begin between the Republic of the Isles and Rhodes. Several minor sea battles occur off the eastern straights in the southern trade routes towards Garthport. The islander navy comes out ahead in most engagements.
  • 505 OY – War is officially declared in the Republic of the Isles by the Emporer in Bernast. Knights of Rhodes under Prince Darrin land in Farifax and ride out to engage Republic forces. Rhodes knights win several important battles in the field but are cut off from re-supply by an Islander blockade of Farifax harbour.
  • 506 OY – The Republic lands forces in Draketon and marches to battle against the Marquis of Brunell (a supporter of Darrin).
  • 507 OY to 525 OY – Dozens of cross-water raids and attacks continue with increasing severity. In 525 OY, Darrin dies of an incurable wasting disease. Six months later, a treaty of peace is signed between Rhodes and the Islanders.
  • 515 OY to 516 OY – Rhodes invades Prolia, attacking the city of Jarlsburg. Jarlsburg quickly falls before the winter. In the spring of 516 OY as Rhodes is readying for the next year undoubtedly devastating invasion of the interior of Prolia, the remaining 5 towns counterattack with the bulk of their loosely organized fighting force, but despite retaking the capital take devastating losses. In a desparate move, the renowned druid Yuri and his circle, cast a powerful ritual over Jarlsberg causing it and the surrounding countryside to be engulfed by a deadly swamp, cutting off Prolia from Rhodes and destroying the city and all who remained within. The swamp is now called “Yuri’s Doom”.
  • 573 OY – Rhodes again declares war against the Republic of the Isles. For 20 years several sea battles and coastal raids have occurred, including an unsuccessful attempt to land at farifax.
  • 602 OY – War between Rhodes and Island Republic continues.

Recent Events

603 OY

  • Winter – Council of Thanes of the dwarves of cragmore decide to send a contigent to Prolia to negotiate passage of Dwarves to the foothills above Prolia. 50 Thaneholds will attempt to attack the Hill Giants, take the Hold of Drunduin and defend it from the giants, and form a foothold where further attacks may launch from into the Mountains.
  • June – Dwarves are readying their first group of diplomats to be sent to Prolia. Thane Dunkirk and his brother are to lead the embassy.
  • June – Republic decides to send a contingent to Prolia in order to attempt to stabilize the Prolian nation.
  • June – Hobgoblins raid and raze the northern Prolian town of Prauld.
  • June – Lorn Ansel, Earl of Northbay, the appointee to Prolia, hears of Hobgoblin raids and convinces Dunkirk to depart days earlier than planned. The last preparations are made, the ship leaves with 40 Republic Soldiers, Lord Ansel and his secretary, Robert Hallender.
  • July – The Republic forces, together with a group of Prolians, re-capture Prauld.
  • July – Prauld is re-settled.
  • July – Some of the five towns send warriors to man the watch towers in the north, there is talk of counter-attacking the hobgoblins.
  • August – Dwarven Thanes begin arriving in Beryl with their families, by the end of august, 2000 dwarves have arrived in Prolia, and are busy making quality weapons and armor for the warriors serving the Jarls of Prolia, while they wait for the rest of their forces to arrive.


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